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a night shot from my studio

It was a calm and beaytiful afternoon.with lots of colours in the sky. It seems like a rainbow melted down. But I have taken lots of same pics before so the sky ddnt impress me that much. Then i noticed the church with lots of lights at the end of the road. It will be great if i compose church with the beautiful background... ive done some shots. Then i get another intresting idea "slow shutter speed". So i waite till sky become a little darker, so i can compose sky along with the head light of vehicals on road, but unfortunatly sky losts its beauty wen its darkens... but i manage to take this snape.This shot was taken with around 2 second shutter speed and an open aparture
place : Tripunithura, Ernakulam
           Kerala India
time : 7.30

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he was alone in this world


On one boring day, me and my friend Anand planed to go to Fort Kochi beach. Eventhow we have visited there a hundred times its a nice place to kill your boring days. It take about 1 hour travel from my house to the beach. We were there at 2'o clock. hot sun shines above our head. I put my camera back in my bag coz i know i cant take any pic when the sun is just above us as strong as he can. I moved to a shade to keep my skin as good as it is now.but then i noticed Anand jumping into his trousers. I asked "wat u doing?"
"going for a bath"
"In this hot sun?"
"yes :)"
"Thanks, r u comming?"
"Me ??? No way!!"
"yep, so i'm going alone"
"Thats a good idea"
And he slowly walks towards the see... 
then.... wen he was walking towards sea i compose a beautiful frame of him in ma mind... to make it pratical i suddnly grab my cam from my bag...
first frame was over exposed, second was the above frame, third and fourth he was in salt water.
and i dont know you feels like this or not, this image make me feel like a man who feels very lonly and looking for someone... a hope... just like Robinson cruzo or adam before eve.....
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i am waiting for you here

 It was a cool December night. I was in my home watching a movie in my pc when i got a call from my pal anand "Can we go for a walk now?" 
"now?" i look at the clock, its 12.15. "Its 12.15!!"
"ya, so what? R u coming?"
"mh.. ok.. so where r we going?"
"dont know, just walk to somewhere"
" do cops make any problem?"
"just face them !" (bloody hell, he is always like that)
"ya.... maybe we can cme back in a police jeep"
"meet me there at statue junction"
"yes man"
and, we met there at statue junction. Then we walked here and there, in and out of city till morning 7'o clock... we ddnt find any cops or no cops find us...
we take lots of pics and discuss lots of things.... that was an amazing night for sure....
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