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i am waiting for you here

 It was a cool December night. I was in my home watching a movie in my pc when i got a call from my pal anand "Can we go for a walk now?" 
"now?" i look at the clock, its 12.15. "Its 12.15!!"
"ya, so what? R u coming?"
"mh.. ok.. so where r we going?"
"dont know, just walk to somewhere"
" do cops make any problem?"
"just face them !" (bloody hell, he is always like that)
"ya.... maybe we can cme back in a police jeep"
"meet me there at statue junction"
"yes man"
and, we met there at statue junction. Then we walked here and there, in and out of city till morning 7'o clock... we ddnt find any cops or no cops find us...
we take lots of pics and discuss lots of things.... that was an amazing night for sure....
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นางสาวสุดารัตน์ said...


Dhaya said...

U r crazy..but anand is more.
anyway the pic is nice...
people like me can enjoy the beauty of street in this time only frm such pics..