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he was alone in this world


On one boring day, me and my friend Anand planed to go to Fort Kochi beach. Eventhow we have visited there a hundred times its a nice place to kill your boring days. It take about 1 hour travel from my house to the beach. We were there at 2'o clock. hot sun shines above our head. I put my camera back in my bag coz i know i cant take any pic when the sun is just above us as strong as he can. I moved to a shade to keep my skin as good as it is now.but then i noticed Anand jumping into his trousers. I asked "wat u doing?"
"going for a bath"
"In this hot sun?"
"yes :)"
"Thanks, r u comming?"
"Me ??? No way!!"
"yep, so i'm going alone"
"Thats a good idea"
And he slowly walks towards the see... 
then.... wen he was walking towards sea i compose a beautiful frame of him in ma mind... to make it pratical i suddnly grab my cam from my bag...
first frame was over exposed, second was the above frame, third and fourth he was in salt water.
and i dont know you feels like this or not, this image make me feel like a man who feels very lonly and looking for someone... a hope... just like Robinson cruzo or adam before eve.....
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นางสาวสุดารัตน์ said...

Pls, God. Send someone for me. I dont want to be lonely anymore!

Dhaya said...

The sky and the sea shows some mystery...
I think if the man was sitting towards the sea it may show more lonelyness..

Shad said...

may i knw wch lens u used here

cb said...

i used canon powershot to take this pic :D